Exercise & Fitness

Roll Your Way to Good Health

By: BJ Williston, SPARK Trainer and Curriculum Development Consultant Ever wonder why people at the gym are rolling back and forth over those long foam cylinders? It may look like a mini-torture … [Read more...]

Cool Pool Fun

Summer fun for most kids usually includes pool time. Children with special needs may especially benefit for the following reasons: Water provides increased resistance, which may help build … [Read more...]

America’s Obesity Problem

The United States is one of the most overweight nations in the world.  According to data from “The State of Obesity-Better Policies for a Healthier America,”  every state in the nation currently has … [Read more...]

Measurement of Appetite

It is not uncommon that as people age, especially older adults, they experience a decrease in their appetite.  The term “anorexia of ageing” was coined in 1988 by John Morley and is used to describe … [Read more...]

Youth & Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for grown ups anymore. It serves as another fun, physical activity for kids and it has mental and physical benefits. Check out some of these yoga poses in this infographic! … [Read more...]