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SOAR Life Products at AOTA

The 2018 AOTA Annual Conference is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah from April 19-22. Not only is this the largest gathering of occupational therapy professionals in the world, but it is a great way … [Read more...]

When Words Are Not Understood

This clip of a set of twins having a wonderful conversation with each other in a language only they understand went viral a few years ago and it is still fun to watch! The video (which begs for … [Read more...]

Occupational Therapy Turns 100!

The occupational therapy profession was born in America with the establishment of the National Society for the Promotion of Occupational Therapy in March of 1917. This year, occupational therapy is … [Read more...]

Myths and Facts about Falls

Myth #1:  I have not experienced a fall so it is not an issue for me. FACT:  Each year, one in three people over age 65 experience a fall serious enough to require medical attention.  Falls lead to … [Read more...]